It’s time for the Playoffs

With the recent end to the college football season, we get to look forward to all the bowl games, and of course the most important, the College Football Playoffs. Featuring four premiere teams, its going to be a great post season.

In the Semifinals we have the favorite in Alabama playing the Pac-12 champion Washington. This game is going to be full of high powered offenses clashing together. With Alabama boasting an undefeated record through the regular season, its going to take a perfect game from Washington on both sides of the ball to hand the first and most important loss of the season to Alabama.

On the other side of the bracket, the 2015 champions are up against a hot Clemson team lead by arguably the best quarterback in the nation. This is going to be the game to watch in the semifinals. The winner of this game has the best chance to take down a scary Crimson Tide that is on a mission.

In the predictions apartment, I’m going to have to give the edge in the first game to Alabama. While yes Washington made the playoffs, I just cannot see this team knocking off ‘Bama. In my eyes, this year there are only 3 top tier teams in the league and Washington is not one of them. Playing the unstoppable Tide in the final is going to be the 2015 champs, THE Ohio State University. Ohio State not only has had an incredible season (despite not winning the Big 10), and has the best chance to keep Alabama from repeating.

One thing we know for sure, the playoffs this year will be incredible.


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